Karthikswami in Kugti(HP)

I learnt about Kugti village while reading about Manimahesh Kailash Yatra. It is a lesser known place for the tourists. Kugti means Karthik in local language. I came to know that it is very near to Hudsar, the last motorable point for Manimahesh Yatra. I could not get much information about it except that it is a very scenic place and there is a temple of Lord Karthik. Coming down from Manimahesh I moved forward for Kugti. I hired a jeep and reached a place where the road ended. I got down from the car and saw a Government rest house there on the slope of the valley. I reached in front of the gate of the rest house with great difficulty and shouted. None was there. There were a primary school and a langar which could be seen from there. I reached the langar. They offered me food which was very good and tasty, probably I was too hungry. I was informed that the village is about two kilometer from there. In Himalayas no local will ever say, “It is distant”, they always say,”Its very near ( thoda hi dur hay)”, but for us it was quite a distance walking up hill with rucksack on the back. At the entrance of the village I found the forest rest house and managed a room there.


Next morning I started for Karthik Swami temple, which was 7 kilometer away from the village, after having a breakfast of aloo parantha and tea. The trail was narrow. The beauty was unique and pristine. Lots of unknown flowers bloomed decorating the place. I kept on walking slowly, taking intervals, resting on large stones and capturing few snaps of the heavenly nature. I found local pilgrims walking past rarely. Whoever I asked how much distant the temple was, they replied that it was very near. Gradually I became very tired, but at last I saw the temple on the top of a hill. That part was most difficult. But when one can see the destination it itself gives an incentive to overcome all the difficulties. At last god Karthikeya favoured me appearing himself in front of me. I felt overjoyed. There was a langar where I took lunch. People of the langar were very congenial and gave me very tasty laddoo. Coming down was easier.

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