Lakshadweep, a childhood dream.

I had been my father’s advisor about deciding the tour plans and I was always fond of places that were not so popular. After doing the trip to Andaman in 1980, which was a rare destination then, I asked my father if we could go Laskadweep. At that time sufficient information was not available and it didn’t happen. As soon as I revived traveling after a long period, I started planning for Lakshadweep. The package preponed and postponed and ultimately we got confirmation letter from the local agent of SPORTS.

It was an amazing experience to travel on a ship for five days. My son and I both enjoyed extremely. I did not know swimming then, that is why I could not take risk for going scuba diving, just enjoyed snorkeling. I missed it really, so, after coming back I learnt swimming at the age of 48, so that if I get another chance I do not have to miss it.

All the beaches are pristine because it is not as commercialized as Andaman at present and one needs permission of the authority to go there. Alcohol consumption is absolutely banned.

When the ship started everyone was excited. A tugboat pulled the ship out of Cochin harbour. It went through the Vembanad Lake and reached Arabian sea. The night fell on the vast sea.There was nothing except water all around. The ship seemed like an island. At night it was alarmingly beautiful. In the early morning we saw the coast of Kalpeni island.
The whole package is unique in its own way. We visited Kavaratti next day and Minicoy on the the 4th day. It was a 5 days and 4 nights package from Cochin to Cochin.

N.B. To get information about Lakshadwip tour check this link.

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